Wednesday, 28 December 2011

NeoDroid Brings Neo Geo Emulation To Your Android Device

              Fresh to the Android Market is the newly released NeoDroid bringing Neo Geo emulation to your smartphone. The emulator is actually based off another emulator called GnGeo and will play all those games that were WAY too expensive to buy as a kid. Emulators tend to fall into this gray area so to avoid any legal or moral issues you should always make sure you own the original before digging around the net for ROMs. With that out of the way, playing a ROM follows the standard emulation process:

- Put bios archive ( in your roms directory (“/mnt/sdcard/neodroid/roms”)
- Put roms in your roms directory (“/mnt/sdcard/neodroid/roms”)
- Compatible with mame roms format

                                          [Market Link

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