Friday, 30 December 2011

Get Lock Screen Weather Updates Without Jailbreaking

Although one could simply look outside or ask Siri about the weather, some people like to receive their forecast from the lock screen of their iOS device. Until recently, this was only possible by jailbreaking your iOS device and subsequently installing a lock screen tweak that displays the weather; however, there is now an easier way that doesn’t require jailbreaking.

Apple has recently approved an app bluntly named “Lock Screen Weather” that shows a dynamic weather forecast on an iOS device’s lock screen in a way one probably wouldn’t have imagined. The app works by playing a “silent” song through the default iPod app for iOS; as a result, album art is displayed on the device’s lock screen, which gets updated with local forecast information according to one’s whereabouts.

Considering how strict Apple is with their App Store guidelines, it’s somewhat surprising that the Cupertino-based company approved this app. The Lock Screen Weather app is available in the App Store for 99 cents. Hopefully the app’s newfound publicity doesn’t result in Apple yanking it from the App Store.

NOTE :  mim req is ios 5

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