Thursday, 22 December 2011

Oregon Trail: American Settler for Android Now Available

GameLoft has finally released Oregon Trail: American Settlers to the Android market. The classic franchise has seen many different iterations and this latest one from GameLoft is actually quite fun and changes the way you trek across the plains of the world.

You still get your oxen and carriage alongside a handful of people that you have to take care of, but American Settler shows us the side that other games didn’t show – the travelers actually getting settled somewhere and building a town.

Keeping your town bustling is no simple task and you have many types of buildings, tools and ingredients at your disposal to make sure things are kept running. You’ll get quests and missions to take care of and you’ll be tasked with handling day-to-day problems such as stampedes approaching your settlement or a bandit coming to town.

This is a freemium game meaning it’s free to download and play but you are heavily encouraged to purchase in-game items and currency to keep the gameplay moving forward.

I’ve been playing this game for quite some time on iOS (yes, I know) but I eventually hit a roadblock that made it almost impossible for me to move on with the game without buying in-game currency. And I refuse to buy in-game currency. Just a quick warning before you get all addicted to it. Find the download in the
                                                     Android market.

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