Tuesday, 15 November 2011

65-inch 1080p Touchscreen Display Powered By Honeycomb Tablet Prototype [Video]

A video of the world’s largest Android tablet it making its rounds across the web. Now, this isn’t the modded 22-inch Android “tablet” we showed you guys a few months back — no, sir. This here is a 65-inch LCD monitor, powered by a smaller 1o-inch Android Honeycomb tablet prototype (mirrored onto the big screen in 1080p using a dock). The ginormous touch display only 2 touch sensors making multitouch a no-go for now. However, word from the developers is a 4 sensor version is on the way that should all your multitouch dreams come true.

In the video the developers show off a little bit of the OS, a little bit of apps and then proceeds to fire up Fruit Slice (why not Fruit Ninja?) and later shows off some video playback. I have to say, the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor inside their 10.1-inch prototype seems to hold up pretty well even when outputting in full 1080p HD. While most of the time these demos like these are more for bragging rights or a proof-of-concept — the Turkish company showing off this feat is already in talks with education and enterprise customers to bring the entire setup to production as a “smart board” alternative. 65-inches wont be the only size available either, with the company planning to also launch a smaller, more pocketable device to power a variety of displays ala ASUS Padfone.

But enough jibber-jabberin.’ Check out the video below and let us know if you are impressed.

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