Saturday, 15 October 2011

iPhone 4S is Now Available in the US – Who’s Buying?

The grand day has come and Apple’s iPhone 4S is available for all – providing that you make it to a store before they’re out. The new phone can be found at Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Sprint, and Verizon stores at opening time. Hopefully all these stores will have enough stock to last the day, but it’s not likely. Lines are getting bigger and bigger as you read this – so get out there!

Now if you don’t want to brave the launch day crowds then you can still order online, but all carriers and retailers aren’t shipping for at least two weeks from now, so you’ll most likely have better luck in a store.

In the light of all this, are you going to buy an iPhone 4S today? Let us know in the comments and good luck!

Update: 9to5Mac has received reports that several Apple stores have a much larger stock of iPhone 4S models than expected. It seems like they prepared ahead of time.

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