Friday, 2 September 2011


As the weather heats up for summer, we’ve taken a look at some laptop cooling solutions to help keep your portable PC nice and chilled.

Whether it’s a full-on fan stand or simply a pad to prevent your thighs from getting too toasty, there’s something for everyone. And with prices starting under $10, there are options for every budget as well.

If you’re looking to avoid the burn, take a look through the slides. Let us know in the comments your tricks to curb notebook overheating as the weather warms.

  1. Targus Lap Chill Mat

  With an ergonomic tilt and rubber stops to keep your laptop in place, Targus' Lap Chill Mat boasts a built-in USB-powered fan and an open design to help keep things nicely ventilated.

Cost: $39.99
   2. iLap      

              The iLap, specifically designed for MacBooks, is made up of three components: aluminum stand, swivel base and detachable velvet cushion. It's a great solution for both lap and desktop working.

Cost: From $49.



  3. Logitech Cooling Pad N100

Logitech's sleek Cooling Pad comes with a bold stripe of green or pink for a contemporary solution. Its USB fan claims to distribute air "quietly and evenly" under your laptop.

Cost: $29.99

 4. ThermaPAK HeatShift

 This simple solution is more concerned with protecting your lap from scorching than with keeping your computer cool. The fabric pad contains cooling crystals which absorb heat. You can just roll it up and stuff it in your bag when on the go. Now that's portable.

Cost: From $24.99
          5. Antec Notebook Cooler to Go

The travel-friendly Cooler to Go feeds cold air into your laptop while slightly raising it to expel the hot stuff. Two settings mean you can choose between maximum cooling or minimum noise.

Cost: $34.95
6. Xpad  

The Xpad is a power-free base for your laptop. It boasts thermal insulation for your lap with air pockets in the construction to help dissipate heat. Simple, but effective.

Cost: $24.95
       7. Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base

Microsoft's Cooling Base is a competent all-rounder. The flip-up stand has a comfortable typing angle for desk use. Turn it sideways to use on your lap.

Cost: $29.95

8. Bluelounge Cool Feet

Bluelounge's "Cool Feet" are perfect for desktop laptop users. The removable feet attach with suction cups and raise your machine at just the right height to allow for better airflow.

Cost: $12.95

 9. HandStands Cool Lift Pad

 Designed for desktop use, the HandStands Cool Lift is a budget way of increasing the airflow around your portable PC.

Cost: $8.99


 10. Belkin Cooling Strip

 Belkin's fun Cooling Strip is another simple solution that will give your laptop the lift it needs to avoid overheating. The spiky design also allows for improved cable management.

Cost: $8.57

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