Thursday, 22 September 2011

Featured Game Review: Crime Story, The Mob Meets Android

 Crime story is a new mob game made specifically for the Android Platform from the producers of My Country and Paradise Island. The game has just been released and so far the gameplay is fresh and leaves me wanted to more.

Gameplay: It starts off with an interactive tutorial that shows you the ropes of gameplay and gives you an explanation of the story as you go. I have been in search of a quality mobster type game on Android and Crime Story does more than fit the bill. The story is about two brothers who are inseparable, but when one gets a job at a port he mysteriously vanishes and isn’t heard from again. The game begins with you the other brother getting a job at the same port to try to find out what happened to your brother.

As soon as you start at the port you learn of its mob dealings and see the entire port and all of its dealings are controlled by the Don of the mob organization. You start out at the lowest person on the totem pole and slowly earn your rep and build your reputation as you progress in your initial quest to find your brother and discover the details of his kidnapping. Your first mission is to set fire to a number of crates that were loaded to the dock without the boss’s permission, one thing to note is that as you conduct jobs your police awareness level rises on a bar to the left of the screen. You can either continue as your level rises which will cost you more as you do mission or “take care” of the police which lowers your level back to acceptable levels. After you complete a mission there is a popup which shows you the money and XP you have earned while giving you an option to share you accomplishment on Facebook or to tweet it if you so choose


Crime Story is a fun game and game developer Insight is definitely adding quality to the Android gaming market with games like this and My Country. The smooth gameplay and open-ended style do a good job at keeping players interested and I can’t wait to see what else the Crime Story has to offer and eventually become a Don myself.

Speed (4/5) – Responsive gameplay and the only reason it is not rated a 5 is the occasional lag for loading times in between environments.
Features (4/5) – There are many features of the game and the open-ended gameplay is the major one. I would like to see more features added and more free run of the beautiful environments.
Overall (4/5) – The overall look and feel of Crime Story is a great and it looks to be a promising game for anyone into the mob genre or fans of open-ended gameplay.

Pros: Clean UI, Open ended gameplay, Adequate Graphics,

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