Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review: Dragon Age II: Legacy

When Dragon Age II was released back in March it was met with very mixed reviews. Although I thought it was an overall great game I had to agree with a lot of the criticisms that it received from other reviewers and fans. The two biggest complaints stemmed from reused dungeons and monotonous, non strategic, tedious battles. Bioware took these criticisms into consideration and have made a more fan friendly Dragon Age experience with the latest dlc called “Legacy”.

Dragon Age II: Legacy takes place sometime during the events of Dragon Age II and has Hawke and company going to an ancient Grey Warden prison to discover why members of a criminal group called the Carta have been attacking him/her lately. Hawke eventually learns that the Carta are being manipulated by an ancient spirit of evil into obtaining “the blood of the Hawke”. With Hawke’s blood the spirit can be freed from its shackles and no doubt go about causing all kinds of dastardly mayhem. The story delves a little deeper into the history of the Hawke family, the Grey Wardens and The Blights.

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